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mardi 03 août 2010


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Well first thing De Gaulle chose to take communists in the government because they were countless to resist the nazis which was not the case of the right-wing liberals who chose to collaborate with the invaders.
The rest of your text is a revisionist point of view due to some sort of hate of France which is not surprising: your existence must be like your text: long boring, pompous and irrelevant.

Guy-André Pelouze

"Well first thing De Gaulle chose to take communists in the government because they were countless to resist the nazis"
You are wrong it was only an opportunistic tactic in order to have allies against US, even dangerous ones. De Gaulle at this time had one idea: taking power. Later he stood in this ambiguity with the soviets and in a retrospective view this did not contribute to shorten or alleviate the tragedy of east european countries which on the contrary W Churchill forecasted very early after WWII.
Don't forget the pact between Hitler and Staline and the tragedy of "pacifism" among communists. Frankly I believe you should know all of these facts.

But this opportunity was taken seriously by communists which by the way infiltrates all the state and pushed laws in order to found the strongest civil servant status in the world and other premises of a socialist country. Lifetime garantee of jobs, from the top (ENA) to the bottom... ENA was founded by M Debré an M Thorez, not a joke!
And after the communist era a strong connivence was established between the crony capitalism and the state which led to the present result. A society where formal freedom is acknowledged but where liberty is scarce especially in business.
Monopolies of the state are numerous, privileges and rents are obvious, debt is growing and wealth creation is anemic. The civil service is the place where communism, marxism and trotskysm are today very well implanted. These theories are taught in public schools as credible alternative to capitalism. And so on.
The difference with Greece is our past accumulated wealthness and the incredible power of entrepreneurship in this country despite all these obstacles and perhaps (until a reverse point) because of these obstacles.
This commentary is not a "long boring, pompous and irrelevant" story, it's the french modern history. We must assume it, but in the transition toward the global world, identification of these steps and their aftermaths are of key relevance.


"which was not the case of the right-wing liberals who chose to collaborate with the invaders"

Who? Could you give names? I never heard about liberals collaborating with nazis... And I don't really understand how a liberal could collaborate with national socialists...
But maybe you just don't know the meaning of the word "liberal"?


Glabouch iden vlam dek paten.
Akouvann vera den glouch.


One shouldn't waste one's own time with such revisionist visions.


@ Gekko : who is a revisionnist there ?

First, I wish you were able to name one of these right wing liberals who collaborated with the Nazis.

second, the officiel press of the commies have litterally CELEBRATED the victory of hitler in 1940, since Staline and Hitler concluded the Ribbentrop Molotov Pact. It's only in 1941, when Hitler decided that two dictators "wannabe the master of the world" were too many, that the commies turned 180° and entered in the so called resistance. Contrary to some right wingers who joined De Gaulle since June 1940...

So who is the fucking revisionnist there ?

@ to the author: I'm not a specialist of these questions, but I guess you're underestimating some cultural factors in your text. How did your tradition of political top down centralism shaped spirits, influence of thinkers like Saint-Simon, and so on...


Let's say first of all that it seems with my point of view that the whole French «mythology» is based on three things. BTW, it's ironic to see the French media talking about the bad side of capitalism, when the only thing that they had in their history is a form of socialized crony capitalism, especially where the social ladder is not present as in the «New World». Ironically, my grandfather was working at a steel factory, and my father had superior education with a professional degree. In France (and even in the UK), I believe that such movement between the lower class and the upper-middle class in one generation is something almost impossible.

-The fact that you must have a centralized and Jacobin state with only cosmetic powers (especially in term of fiscality and laws) to regions and municipalities because (and this without irony) that Paris knows best. Even that some overseas regions which are considered autonomous (such as New Caledonia) have less powers than an average Swiss Canton, Canadian province or US State.

-You need to have the state as key to redistribute some funds to almost every group which do some lobbying with the state. This includes almost every company, business or organisation which have a minimum of political power with any political party.

-To justify the presence of the state, you must have a state which have an ability to create some problems, which the solution is always to add more state and more laws. In this matter, it is feasible that there are many reasons why the French government is so keen on keeping a certain control on the media even with the creation of the first private network (TF1) had been made with as political act by Mitterand who was fearing of losing the legislative elections with the lack of a governmental mouthpiece. Like they say: «Television is the state in the dining room of the French».


As a francophone (and non-European), I believe in a way that idea of the cultural factor is true at a sense that almost all other francophone societies (Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, French Canada) have been influenced by some Anglo-Saxon/Germanic point of view, and you could add Alsace which could be considered a distinct region, at least culturally.

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